Pro Video Web Marketing: Step 2-Create Your Landing Page – Part two in this consultants step-by-step tutorial about customizing your own online professional video web marketing campaign. #2-Create your Landing Page.


Hi, I’m Miles and this is step two to customizing your own pro-video web marketing campaign. The lead capture is page used to invite people to join your mailing list. You do this by giving away something, usually some kind of information or a free gift. But you invite them to your site through your magnet videos, those are the videos you put out to social networking sites. All those point back to the lead capture page, and the lead capture page… The call to action on the lead capture page is to get their e-mail address and their name and if possible their mobilephone number too. More on that later with mobile marketing. But step two is to create your lead capture page. Now this could be as easy as creating a page on your block, and then creating a new domain name and pointing that domain to the lead capture page that is a page on your blog. You don’t want to have a lot of links on the lead capture page, preferably you have just the one called action: "Hey, I like to give you some information. I like to give you something that I hope you find useful, and you give me your e-mail and I’ll send you the link to it". Okay, if you like to know more about pro-video web marketing I invite you to join my mailing list and my video blog. So again, my name is Miles Eddy, thanks for joining me for step two of creating your own pro-video web marketing campaign. Thanks.

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