Pro Video Web Marketing: Step 3-Branding/Baseline Campaign – Part three in this step-by-step tutorial by Miles Eddy about customizing your own online professional video web marketing campaign. #3-Branding/Baseline Campaign


Hi, I’m Miles and welcome to step three, creating your baseline campaign. Part of your baseline campaign is your branding campaign. This is taking your logos, your audio logos, and incorporating them into all of your content as much as you can. You want to be as consistent as you can in all your different content. Your podcasts, your videos, your articles. You also want to make sure you’re on as many directories as you can be. One of the most obvious ones is Google Maps. Because you’re not marketing to the whole world… You might be, but you’re doing it from your specific geographical area. So if you’re a realtor you’re probably a realtor in a particular area and you might have several different geographic areas that your marketing but each one is going to be it’s own campaign. So the first thing you do is to target the keywords that represent your business. Real estate, realtor, broker, put those in various phrases and brand your campaign to your industry. Step three then being branding campaign, and this is Miles Eddy and thank you for joining me in our series about pro-video web marketing, how to customize your own video campaign. Thanks and we’ll see you next time. Thanks.

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